Church Donation

Donations to Calvin Church

WAYS TO DONATE The Session would like to thank those who have taken the time to remember and to give in support of the still ongoing work here at Calvin. If you are able, ways you can give to help support the life and ministry of the church in this time include:

    • Post dated offerings: Can be left at the Church, placed through the Letter slot, or mailed to the church at 3311 Ashburn Ave, Halifax, NS B3L 4C3
    • Emailed using your Banks interac e-transfer: Using your Banking On-line, most banks provide this service free. Email to
    • Online donation Gift to the Calvin Halifax Church or make a Memorial Donation using a credit card, paypal, etc? By using the online CanadaHelps website. (Receipts are issued via email by Canada Calvin is charged a 3-4% fee). or through Paypal.
    • PreAuthorized Donations (PAR) Regularly scheduled donations are send from your bank account to the Calvin Halifax Church and many members use this environmentally friendly way to replace weekly donation envelopes. Fill out the PDF document to start giving today. PAR Authorization Form

Other ways to Give to Calvin:

Planned Giving

Life insurance

Donate Shares  


PAR Questions & Answers — Think about joining!
1. What is PAR? – Pre-Authorized Remittance is a “direct debit” program. Once a month donations are debited from your account and then electronically transferred to Calvin’s account. If you are away on some Sundays, this helps to keep your commitment without having to “catch up” on your return. If you don’t go away, then you can forget worrying about making up your envelope weekly- It’s done for you!
2. What is the general response to PAR at Calvin? – Presently 27 families give using PAR with total monthly donations around $4,250. Your Financial Team would like to double this number!
3. Can I participate if I don’t belong to Calvin? – Anyone can use PAR- members, adherents, friends.
4. Can PAR be deposited into more than one church fund? – Yes. You can give monthly (see brochure) to 1) Our Church (for Calvin’s use), 2) Presbyterian Sharing- sent to the Presbyterian Church in Canada , or 3) Other- This can be designated for specified uses -eg. PWS&D, Halifax West Food Bank, or anything else you wish to donate to on a monthly basis. List the donees and amounts if more than one. (See item 9. below)
5. When and how long does it take to start or change PAR donations? – If the information is received by your treasurer by the 1st of any month your change will be affective for that month. Debits from your account will happen on the 20th of each month (or the next business day if the 20th falls on a holiday/ weekend). This date is not variable.
6. How much does PAR cost the local congregation? – The PAR program costs us 50¢ per donor, per month. This is not bad considering that our bank charges us 14 cents to cash each cheque we receive (ex: a 4 Sunday month= 4 X .14= 56 cents and a 5 Sunday month= 70 cents). It also costs us $ 1.39 for every $1000 cash deposited. Thus PAR saves on fees! Par fees are an expense to Calvin – as the banking fees are – thus they do not affect your donation amount.
7. How does a PAR giver change the amount of gift or change to a different bank account? – All changes of this nature go through the treasurer- phone, email, mail, or drop a note on collection plate. If received before 1st of a month, it then takes effect for that month’s withdrawal on the 20.
8. What about members who feel uncomfortable about not putting something on the offering plate on Sunday? – The PAR program offers cards to be placed on the offering plate. They are found on the table in the Narthex- take a few to last you several weeks. (Please do not mark on cards- as they are recycled!) Many members soon become anxiety free, and don’t mind “Passing the Plate!” Collectors are aware that many are on PAR and will be “passing the plate”.
9. How do I make special offerings? – Our envelope Secretary will give you a special pack containing envelopes for special donations. You can use these or any envelope to give for specific causes- Memorials, extra donation, food bank, PWS&D, bulletins, etc. Just note your envelope number and what donation is for and you will be recorded as usual. Note that when you are on PAR, your envelope number will change to one in the 300’s. It will be given to you in your introductory letter once you are accepted.
10. Are there other options to PAR? – Yes, you can also give by advanced dated envelopes, monthy. – or continue using weekly envelopes!. It’s your choice!