Welcome to Calvin Halifax


“Sadly, it has been brought to our attention that an individual identifying themselves in connection to Calvin Church, has been approaching people in our immediate neighbourhood in an attempt to solicit money on behalf of someone they say is suffering from cancer in our congregation.

Please be aware that this is a scam. The Church has notified the Halifax Reginal Police in regards to this matter.

While we DO welcome donations made through the church in support of our various organized ministries and outreach programs, we DO NOT solicit door-to-door on behalf of any individuals.”

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At Calvin Halifax Presbyterian Church,​​ we believe your best days are still out in front of you. Whether you are joining us in person or online, we invite you to experience our services and be a part of the Calvin Halifax family. 

Front signAmazing Speakers
There is never a shortage of gifted and talented speakers at Calvin Halifax Presbyterian Church. You are always guaranteed to receive an encouraging word from any of our congregational team.

Everyone is welcome
Calvin Halifax Presbyterian Church has something for everyone. Church isn’t for perfect people. It’s for hurting people, for hungry people, for growing people. It doesn’t matter your background, your race, your ethnicity, your lifestyle, or what you’ve been through. You are welcome here.

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Powerful Worship
Every church family has distinctive values and traits that position them uniquely in the body of Christ. Inspiring, encouraging and powerful are just a few of the ways we worship at Calvin Halifax Presbyterian Church. These are the elements that shape and inform everything we do, and they produce some differences you might find refreshing.

Visit us this weekend!
We invite you to come check out a service in person. There is nothing like being immersed in a genuine worship experience. Parking is free, admission is free, and we even offer free childcare for kinder and below.