Jesus asks us to be good stewards and share our gifts and talents that our heavenly Father has bestowed upon us – whether those gifts are financial, one’s time, expertise, creativeness, or a deep passion to help in some way. It all matters. Here are some ways you can help Calvin Church be of service to our community and to God:

1) PAR information

– PAR –  Q&A

PAR Brochure

PAR Authorization Form- PCC

2) How much should I give?

Giving Guide

3) Can I  donate/make a Gift to Church  or  make a Memorial Donation using a credit card, paypal, etc?

Yes,  click DONATE NOW below. (Receipts are issued via email by Canada (Calvin is charged a 3-4% fee)

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4) Other ways to Give to Calvin:

Planned Giving 

Life insurance

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