Our Ministry Teams

There are six Ministry Teams at Calvin.  These teams meet as needed, with a great deal of autonomy, while still regularly reporting to the church’s Session (our governing body).

  1. Worship & Congregational Life Team
    The work of this team involves planning worship, overseeing Christian Educational Programs (i.e. Sunday School, Youth Groups, Adult Bible Studies), and well as programs and events that contribute to the overall life and health of the congregation’s community.
  2. Mission & Outreach Team
    The work of this team involves seeking ways to actively engage the community beyond our doors with the Gospel, while seeking to address to address its needs and hurts.
  3. Pastoral Care Team
    The pastoral care team provides regular visitation to the elderly or infirmed who cannot easily be a part of the regular worshiping and social life of the congregation.
  4. Finance & Stewardship Team
    This team is responsible for addressing matters of stewardship, including the annual budgeting.
  5. Property & Maintenance Team
    This team looks after the upkeep of the church’s buildings and property, as well as managing church rentals and the use of the building by outside groups.
  6. Personnel & Ministry Opportunities Team
    The work of this team involves handling staffing needs that arise within the congregation, ensuring a regular rotation of ministry team membership to prevent burnout or stagnation by recommending membership changes at annual meetings of the congregation, and to ensure that our national church’s ‘Leading with Care Policy’ is adhered to.

We have three Working Committees at Calvin.

  1. Group Committee
    The Groups Committee looks after the affairs of the 44th Halifax Beaver and Cub groups, which meet at, and are sponsored by Calvin Church.
  2. Investment Committee
    The Investment Committee works with the Finance and Stewardship Team, but is primarily responsible for tending to the congregation’s investment portfolio of its endowment fund. This fund, comprised of memorial funds and bequests, provides additional resources for ministry.
  3. Fundraising Committee
    The Fundraising Committee also works with the Finance and Stewardship Team, but has a primary focus of organizing, promoting, and overseeing fundraising initiatives to help raise additional resources to fund the congregation’s ministry.

There are numerous other groups at, or attached to, Calvin. They are:

  • The Choir
    Aside from participating in Sunday morning worship, the Choir regularly meets on Monday afternoons from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. at the church for a time of rehearsing and fellowship.
  • The Prayer Chain
    The prayer chain is a group of people, who pray regularly for those for whom special request has been made. Requests are passed along the chain, from one member to another, while meeting typically on the last Monday of the month at 10:30 a.m. to share updates, and to pray together.
  • The Ladies Fellowship Group
    The Ladies Fellowship Group meets on the 2nd  Tue of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the church, our main focus is to promote Fellowship in our group and among the congregation.  Our meeting consists of a short meeting to organize a few projects we are involved in, sometimes a speaker, or just a fellowship night,  ladies are invited to attend one or all meeting as their time permits.
  • The Senior’s Friendship Group is a program officially sponsored by Calvin, is open to Calvin Members and meets regularly each Wednesday afternoon, (Oct-June) at 1:00 p.m. for games, fellowship, and food.

If you see something of interest, please feel free to speak to the convesnor of that group (you’ll find their names listed below), or our Minister, or to Allison Power.

Our Ministry Team Leaders:

Worship & Congregational Life:   The Rev. Michael Koslowski
Mission & Outreach:  Allison Power
Personnel & Ministry Opportunities:   Lilla Tanner
Finance & Stewardship:   Pam MacFarlane
Property & Maintenance:   Marian Smith
Prayer Chain Contact:   
Pastoral Care:  Mary MacKinnon