Calvin Congregational Announcements for the week of Mar. 19 – Mar. 26

Below are our congregational announcements for the week of Mar. 19th – Mar. 26th.

Request A Seat for Worship

Just a reminder that as we prepare for in-person worship this coming Sun. Mar. 20 @ 11:00 a.m. we currently remain in Phase 2 of the province’s 3-phase reopening plan. As such, face masks, and social distancing restrictions remain in place, as do some capacity restrictions for faith gatherings.

The expectation is that the Province will formally move into Phase 3 of its reopening plan next week on Mon. Mar. 21. As such this Sun. (Mar. 20) is expected to be the last week requiring people to pre-request seats. (please see Calvin’s Phase 3 reopening plan as attached for more details on what to expect regarding worship beginning Sun. Mar. 27)

However, in the interim, to help ensure that we are operating within the current Phase 2 restrictions, we will be continue with our current practice of inviting you to pre-book seating for worship through an on-line request form.

To request a seat for you and/or for your bubble please click the link below:

(As social distancing requirements remain in place people are still encouraged to sit ONLY with those people they have pre-registered with as a bubble-group)

***Please note: That our Sunday School program will also resume on Sun. Mar. 6. during our 11:00 a.m. worship service. Children of nursery age (0-4), and those attending Sunday School (ages 5+) are asked to go directly downstairs to Sunday School upon their arrival at church Sunday mornings. Parents may pick them up again downstairs following the service. (Please note, many of our children are currently may not yet be fully vaccinated, and so these measures are intended to try and help keep them as safe as possible while at church. We appreciate your understanding in this matter! )

Mission & Outreach Team Meeting:

There will be an in person meeting of the Mission & Outreach Team this Sun. (Mar. 20) downstairs in the Hall following the 11:00 a.m. worship service.

Sunday Bulletins:

While we have not, as of yet, returned to producing regular Sunday morning bulletins limited print copies of both the ORDER OF SERVICE and WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENTS are available each Sunday morning for those wishing one on the table outside the Sanctuary.


The Mission and Outreach team would like to share the following information to you regarding PWS&D and their support to the Ukraine:

PWS&D has launched an appeal to provide support for those facing humanitarian crisis following the invasion of Ukraine. You can read more at

ACT Alliance members have already begun setting up refugee support points and sending relief supplies to Ukraine. Canadian Foodgrains Bank members are also planning a response with urgently needed food assistance. Through these partners, PWS&D is well placed to provide urgently needed food and non-food support.

If you would like to donate, click on this link  then click on the “Donate Now” button. You may also donate through the church, by adding to the collection plate noting that it is designated for PWS&D’s work in Ukraine.

Lenten Prayer requests:

As a part of our Worship throughout this Lenten Season, we’re inviting people to submit prayer requests using the link below. Specifically, we’re inviting people to submit 1.) something they’d like God’s help in putting down, or letting go of this Lenten Season (i.e. a hurt you’re caring, an anger that’s been festering, a fear you want God’s help to move past, etc.) and/or 2.) something you would like God’s help in picking up, or growing more deeply in your life (i.e. a dedication to a spiritual practice, a deeper sense of gratitude or generosity, a greater openness to loving and forgiving others, etc.).

All requests will be done anonymously. Our hope is to include these requests into both a visual element within the sanctuary…as well as into our prayers of confession (the stuff we’d like God’s help to lay down and let go of)  and our prayers of the people (the stuff we’d like to see grown in us and our community).

To submit a prayer, just click this link to get started:

Calvin’s Phase 3 Reopening Plan:

As announced by the provincial government, the province expects to move into Phase 3 of its current COVID reopening plan beginning Mon. Mar. 21. This would see the proposed lifting of most gathering limits, mask mandates, and social distancing requirements. To learn more about how this will impact our life here at Calvin, please see the attached reopening plan for details.

Bible Study!

As previously announced, our new 5-part bible study on the Book of Daniel is now underway each Thurs. with in-person afternoon sessions at 1:00 p.m., and online evening Sessions on ZOOM at 7:00 p.m.

For those wishing to join our evening sessions, please use the link below to join on Thurs. nights.. This link will remain the same each week, and will you allow to join each of the remaining Thursday evening sessions (Mar 17, 24, 31, & Apr. 7) at 7:00 p.m.

To JOIN CALVIN’S ONLINE BIBLE STUDY on the BOOK OF DANIEL please click the link below:

Meeting ID: 897 8892 2529
Passcode: 398881

Coldest Night of the Year

Coldest Night of the Year Update: Our walk commenced from Calvin shortly after 2pm on Sunday February 27th with over 17 walkers in attendance. Thanks to all of your support we have raised $2,645.00 for the ARK and are in the top ten teams who participated! Well done Calvin!
You are able to continue to donate online until March 31st at:

Food Cupboard & Food Bank Requests:

Plastic Flyer Bags: The Missions Team is asking for people to please save the plastic bags that weekly fliers are delivered in to their mailboxes, and to donate them to the church. These bags are the perfect size for packing up 2 rolls of toilet paper together for placing in the Food Cupboard for people make use of. These bags can be either left in the cupboard, or given directly to Allison Power. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Food Cupboard donations: If you would like to donate food – please consider cereal, rice, pasta, soups, canned milk, granola bars, canned vegetables, flakes of chicken and ham and canned tuna, dish soap, soap and shampoo. Monetary donations can be made with “Mission and Outreach Food Cupboard”.

FOOD BANK donations: Halifax West Ecumenical Food Bank donations are to be placed in the grocery cart in the narthex and monetary donations marked “Food Bank” Please contact Allison Power at  or at 902-445-9161 with any questions or if you would like to arrange a pick up for any food donations. Thank you