Congregational Announcements for the week of Jan. 29th – Feb. 4th

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Below are our congregational announcements for the week of Jan. 29th – Feb. 4th.


As had been previously announced, the Session met on Mon. Jan. 17 to review our current worshipping situation. While the Session realizes many people are missing the experience of being in-person for worship, there has been no changes made to the government’s most recent COVID related restrictions.

As such, the Session has decided to forego a return to in-person worship at this time, and to continue instead with live-streamed worship services for the Sundays of Jan. 23, 30, & Feb. 6. These services are being streamed through our Facebook page (please see the link in the announcement below), with each service being followed by an online coffee time held via ZOOM (please see link in the below announcement).

*** We’d also like to thank people for their patience as navigate our way through the learning process of streaming online!

On-line Worship for Jan. 30, & Feb. 6

As announced above, our Sunday services for the Sundays of Jan. 30, & Feb. 6 will be live streamed from the church each Sunday morning @ 11:00 a.m. on our congregation’s Facebook page. (***please note that aside from a small worship team each week, there will be NO in-person congregation present)

To reach our Facebook page each Sunday morning to join our live stream services, just click the link below:

Please also note that:

1.) You DO NOT need your own Facebook account in order to visit our page and to worship along with us! Anyone can simply click the link, visit the page, and see the live stream as it happens.

2.) Unlike our previous services on ZOOM, you will not be able to see other members of the congregation while watching the live streamed services; only those at the church leading worship that morning.

3.) The final recording of the service will remain online on our Facebook page for people to watch later.

4.) An edited copy of the recorded worship service will continue to be made available on our church’s website as we’ve be doing.

5.) The Session will meet again in early February to once again review the situation and any possible changes regarding government restrictions and will update the congregation following that meeting.

After Service Coffee this Sunday!!!:

We know people have missed being together for worship, and that we’ve all been missing the chance to see and connect with our congregational family! And that’s why this Sunday (Jan 30), you’re invited to join us after the morning’s live streamed worship service for a COFFEE TIME on ZOOM. When the streamed service ends (at approx. 11:45), just click the link below to join us for coffee and fellowship time on ZOOM. See people, connect, ask questions about the service (or even the sermon), and stay in touch with our faith community.

To Join the AFTER SERVICE COFFEE TIME, email us to get the link.


What to do about OFFERINGS???

Offering envelopes can be put through the church’s mail slot at the front door, and will be checked daily. Wayne will then be in to pick up and deposit money at the church each Sunday around noon. E-transfers and PAR are helpful! E-transfers can be sent to


The ANNUAL REPORT for 2021 has now been completed. Please watch for a digital copy to arrive in a future email. Limited print copies will be available at the church for those in need of one. Please be sure to contact the church office for a suitable pick-up time.

Annual Congregation Meeting: 

Our Annual Congregational Meeting is currently scheduled for the evening of Sat. Feb. 12. Under current government restrictions, the Session anticipates having to hold that meeting online via ZOOM. However, it had been hoped that we would be able to meet in person this year. And so please be advised that the Session is currently considering postponing the date of the Annual Meeting if it appears the possibility of an in-person meeting could soon be held instead.

Room for READERS, PRAY-ers, and SINGERS:

If you would be open to taking part in one of our Sunday morning worship services (perhaps reading scripture, leading in prayer, or even singing as a part of our musical ministry) please let us know. You can email the office (at and let us know how you’d like to participate, and we’d be happy to make plans to include you!

Coldest Night of the Year 2022:  

This year Calvin Presbyterian Church is putting a team into the Coldest Night of the Year walk in support of the Ark in Halifax. Our team’s name is “The Calvin Crew” and we will be walking 2-5km around the Calvin neighbourhood on Sunday February 27th. Time to be determined.

Click here for more information on the Ark:

Click here to join our team or to donate:

If you are unable to join our team, or donate, prayers are also a valued way to support.
Any questions please contact Chelsey Joudrie at

Bible Study Set to Return!

It’s been a while, but Bible Study is set to return. The plan is to offer 2 request-based studies this winter/spring. The first will be a 6-part series on the Old Testament Book of Daniel. Our plan is to begin this study at the either late February, or early March in the hopes COVID-related restrictions may have loosened enough by then to allow an in-person afternoon group, followed by an evening on-line session. This study will provide an opportunity for us to explore the life of faith as a counter-cultural element amidst ongoing pressure to conform to the world around us! How do we live our faith in a world where it’s not always popular…or welcome? This study will also serve as background to help ready us for a 6-part post-Easter study on the Book of Revelation. Please watch for more details!

Knitters Needed!

The Mission and Outreach Team is looking for knitters to knit hats and mittens for the Nova Scotia Native Council. Any questions or to make arrangements to drop them off at the church please contact Chelsey Joudrie.

2022 Offering Envelopes:

For those who participate in the envelope program, you can pick up your 2022 envelopes from the church. Please be sure to call ahead to ensure someone is at the office to assist you!

Food Cupboard & Food Bank Requests:

Plastic Flyer Bags: The Missions Team is asking for people to please save the plastic bags that weekly fliers are delivered in to their mailboxes, and to donate them to the church. These bags are the perfect size for packing up 2 rolls of toilet paper together for placing in the Food Cupboard for people make use of. These bags can be either left in the cupboard, or given directly to Allison Power. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Food Cupboard donations: If you would like to donate food – please consider cereal, rice, pasta, soups, canned milk, granola bars, canned vegetables, flakes of chicken and ham and canned tuna, dish soap, soap and shampoo. Monetary donations can be made with “Mission and Outreach Food Cupboard”.

FOOD BANK donations: Halifax West Ecumenical Food Bank donations are to be placed in the grocery cart in the narthex and monetary donations marked “Food Bank” Please contact Allison Power at  or at 902-445-9161 with any questions or if you would like to arrange a pick up for any food donations. Thank you


Rev. Michael Koslowski