Calvin Congregational Announcements for the week of Jan. 8 – Jan. 15

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Below are our congregational announcements for the week of Jan. 8th – Jan. 15th.

On-line Worship for Jan. 9 & 16

As previously announced, our Sunday services for the remaining Sundays of Jan. 9 & 16 will be live streamed from the church each Sunday morning @ 11:00 a.m. on our congregation’s Facebook page. (***please note that aside from a small worship team each week, there will be NO in-person congregation present)

To reach our Facebook page each Sunday morning to join our live stream services, just click the link below:

Please also note that:

1.) You DO NOT need your own Facebook account in order to visit our page and to worship along with us! Anyone can simply click the link, visit the page, and see the live stream as it happens.

2.) Unlike our previous services on ZOOM, you will not be able to see other members of the congregation while watching the live streamed services; only those at the church leading worship that morning.

3.) The final recording of the service will remain online on our Facebook page for people to watch later.

4.) An edited copy of the recorded worship service will continue to be made available on our church’s website as we’ve be doing.

5.) The Session will meet again on Jan. 17 to review the situation and any possible changes regarding government restrictions and will update the congregation following that meeting.

What to do about OFFERINGS???

Offering envelopes can be put through the church’s mail slot at the front door, and will be checked daily. Wayne will then be in to pick up and deposit money at the church each Sunday around noon. E-transfers and PAR are helpful! E-transfers can be sent to

Reduced Office Hours for Jan. 10-14:

In light of the provincial government’s announcement to move to a week of remote learning for students (Jan 10-14), Rev. Koslowski’s guaranteed office hours will be reduced to Thursday (Jan 13) from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for that week. However, if you are trying to connect with him, please feel free to contact him on his cell phone at 902-402-6747.