Congregational announcements for the week of Dec. 11th – Dec. 18th.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Below are our congregational announcements for the week of Dec. 11th – Dec. 18th.

Ladies Fellowship:

The Ladies Fellowship will meet Mon., Dec 13. @ 12:30 p.m.. We will gather to enjoy lunch (each person will bring their own) together. Afterwards we will prepare Christmas gifts for the residents of Lyndon House. All are welcome.

Session Meeting:

The Session will be meeting this coming Mon. Dec. 13 @ 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. Elders are advised to please watch for a link to this meeting to arrive via email.

Christmas Communion Service:

Our next service of Holy Communion will be held on Sun. Dec. 19 @ our 11:00 a.m. service.  To do so, we will once again be using pre-packaged self-serve communion kits (see below). These kits open using simple pull tabs (like a restaurant style coffee creamer). The first tab unseals a single bread wafer which is on top, while the second tab unseals the juice cup below. These kits will be available on a table just outside the sanctuary doors. Participants will be asked to please pick up their communion kit on their way into worship, to hold on to them until we celebrate communion during the service, and to then dispose of them in the appropriate waste receptacles in the narthex and lobby on their way out of church.

Community Christmas Service @ Bayers Rd. Baptist Church: 

Our choir has been invited to participate in a community Christmas service at Bayers Rd. Baptist Church, as we have done before. It will be Sunday evening, Dec. 19, @ 7 p.m.  The choir will sing, there will be carols and readings, and other special music. Everyone is welcome!  Come and enjoy the lovely music of Christmas and meet our Christian neighbours at Bayers Rd.

Christmas Eve Worship Service:

This year, we’re currently planning to hold an in-person worship service of Lessons & Carols this coming Christmas Eve (Fri. Dec. 24) @ 7:00 p.m. For those unable, or uncomfortable, to attend, our hope is to live stream our service onto Calvin’s FaceBook page. (a recorded copy of the service will remain available on our congregation’s FaceBook page, and can be watched, even after the service ends!)

Audio/Video Training:

Just a reminder to those who had previously volunteered, as well as to anyone else who might be interested, that training sessions for our Sunday services’ audio/video system will resume during Sunday morning worship service beginning in January 2022. Please speak to Tracy Koslowski now, about scheduling a training Sunday in the new year!

2022 Church Calendars are now available!:

The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s new 2022 church calendars are now available. Calendars cost $5, and are available on the table outside the sanctuary (money may be placed in the basket on the table)

Nursery Volunteers Needed:

We are currently looking for people willing to volunteer to help provide occasional nursery care during Sunday morning worship services for children under the age of 5yrs. Although we do not have small children with us every Sunday this is, nonetheless, an important ministry to them and their families when they do come. Our national church’s Leading With Care Policy encourages there to be 2 volunteers present when providing nursery care. And so, if this is something you might prayerfully feel led to help with, please speak with Murdena Dupont, or Chelsey Joudrie at 902-301-1867 or

Counters needed!:

During the month of December, anyone wanting to learn or brush-up on counting collection procedures can join Pam MacFarlane and Pat Geddes after the Worship service in the room off of the kitchen.  The process usually takes a half hour and is not difficult. Volunteer counters are needed for March 2022 onward.

Sunday Morning Offerings:

Just a reminder that as a part of our moving through Phase 5 of the provinces COVID-19 reopening plan, we would invite you to place your Sunday morning offerings into the offering plates on your way into worship. (These plates are located immediately inside the sanctuary on either side of the doors as you come in.) During worship, the offering will be brought forward as a part of our Prayers of Dedication.

Mission and Outreach Updates and Reminders:

Senior Tree: Thank you to everyone who has been supporting the new Senior tree mission. Monetary donations should be returned by Sun. Dec. 12.

Children’s Books: There will be a box under the tree in the Narthex for children’s books.  We are looking to have the books dropped off by Sun. Dec. 12th.   These should be new books and will be donated to the Fairview Family Resource Centre for distribution to children in our neighbourhood.

Face Masks on sale!

As outlined in our Mission & Outreach Team’s Holiday Gift Guide, dish cloths and face masks are now available to purchase in support of Presbyterian World Service & Development’s (PWS&D) ongoing work in Afghanistan. Dish cloths are available at a cost of $5/bundle (2 dishcloths). Masks are available at a cost of $10/mask.  If you are interested in purchasing some dish cloths or a mask, please contact Chelsey Joudrie at or by calling 902-301-1867.

Food Cupboard & Food Bank Requests:

Plastic Flyer Bags: The Missions Team is asking for people to please save the plastic bags that weekly fliers are delivered in to their mailboxes, and to donate them to the church. These bags are the perfect size for packing up 2 rolls of toilet paper together for placing in the Food Cupboard for people make use of. These bags can be either left in the cupboard, or given directly to Allison Power. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Food Cupboard donations: If you would like to donate food – please consider cereal, rice, pasta, soups, canned milk, granola bars, canned vegetables, flakes of chicken and ham and canned tuna, dish soap, soap and shampoo. Monetary donations can be made with “Mission and Outreach Food Cupboard”. Halifax West Ecumenical Food Bank donations are to be placed in the grocery cart in the narthex and monetary donations marked “Food Bank” Please contact Allison Power at  or at 902-445-9161 with any questions or if you would like to arrange a pick up for any food donations. Thank you

Diaper Donations: The Missions Team is also asking for donations of diapers. They can be left by the Food Bank cart in the church entryway. These will be distributed as needed to the community.

FOOD BANK donations: Just a reminder that donations for the Halifax West Ecumenical Food Bank can be placed in the shopping cart in the church entry way. These items will be forwarded to the Food Bank, and will be greatly appreciated!

Financial Corner – To Nov 30, 2021

2021                To date                    To date

                                                    Budget              2021                            2020

Envelope & Par Donations       $113,228            $98,746                        $96,924


Presbyterian Sharing                 $21,000            $18,203                       $15,347


Expenses                                 $264,905           $258,864                     $203,155


Notes:  At the Annual meeting in February, it was passed that we raise our Presbyterian Sharing back to $21,000, even though we had to top it off with general revenue, It looks again this year that we may have to top it off to reach our commitment.

Thank-you to those on PAR and to those who have kept up your giving’s through drop-offs at the church, and E-Transfers during the pandemic closures.

Rev. Sydney’s New Mailing Address:

For those wishing to keep in contact with Rev. Sydney, please note that his new mailing address is:

Unit #302

54 Hampton Rd

Rothesay, NB

E2E 0V5

Sunday School Time & Drop Off:

Our Nursery and Sunday School programs begin each Sunday morning 11:00 a.m. Children of nursery age (0-4), and those attending Sunday School (ages 5+) are asked to go directly downstairs to Sunday School upon their arrival at church Sunday mornings. Parents may pick them up again downstairs following the service. (Please note, many of our children are currently unable to be vaccinated, and so these measures are intended to try and help keep them as safe as possible while at church. We appreciate your understanding in this matter! )


Rev. Michael Koslowski
Calvin Presbyterian Church