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‘Striving to live the Christian Life in today’s world.’


So, you’ve found our web site – Calvin Presbyterian Church, in Halifax, NS, Canada; and whether you’ve purposely sought us out, or whether you just happened to come across our site, we’re glad you stopped by. And now that you are here, you might be asking yourself several things, such as:

Q:    Is this the perfect church to go to?
A:    NO! Look, honestly, there’s no such thing as “the perfect church” or for that matter the “perfect” anything, whether it be a  group, an item, or anything else. Even one single solitary person, all on their own, can sometimes get some things wrong.

Q:    Ok, if you’re not the perfect church, why should I come?
A:    Although we’re not “perfect”, we do try our best to be welcoming and friendly. As part of God’s family, we believe in and want to share our faith relationships with all we meet, whether it’s at our physical church building, or in our surrounding community. We believe that everyone is loved by Jesus, no matter what, and therefore we are to love, care, and extend hospitality to all we meet.

Q.    What are your services like.
A.    Our services are in English and last roughly an hour. We use a blended contemporary and traditional format. – Some would say it’s a laid back, relaxed, atmosphere. We generally start with a responsive reading, in our “call to worship”, which consists of just taking a moment to turn our attention to why we’re gathering together – to worship our heavenly Father. Members (who want to) participate in our worship services by reading scripture, joining our choir, leading in our “prayers of the people” and other aspects of the service. We sing both traditional and modern hymns and music, and our Minister’s sermons (or meditations) reveal how biblical teachings and wisdom are still very much relevant to our lives today.

Q.    What do you offer for my Children?
A:    During the school year, we run a Sunday School program for children and youth, and we have a nursery area available. All our Sunday School Teachers have gone through Criminal Background Checks. We have junior and senior youth groups and starting this fall (2013) we are using a new curriculum for them. The curriculum which is titled “Re:…Form”, by SparkHouse, “features two DVDs with 40 hilarious animated short films that frame the theological questions that youth really ask, an Anti-Workbook that’s chock full of individual and group activities, and a fully reproducible Leader Guide.”

Q.    What else do you have to offer me and my family?
A.    Our minister conducts both adult and youth bible studies at regular intervals throughout the year. Our church is also used by several community groups, such as: Beavers, Sparks, a senior friendship group, AA, NA, and others, on a regular basis. We have a Missions Outreach Team, as well as several other committees. There is also a “Community Garden Project” right beside our church.

Q.    What do you (Presbyterians) believe?
A.    We believe that creation is intrinsically good, but of course we know that all of us make mistakes. We believe that God’s love and grace for us is bigger than our faults and failings and we strive in the simple truth of how we are meant to be with God and each other.”

Q.    What’s your attitude towards people with disabilities, and/or those whom society considers “different”?
A.    We strive to be inclusive to everyone, both in a welcoming/friendly attitude and in terms of physical access. Our church has a level entrance at the front of the building, (ok, one tiny threshold which is ramped off) and just inside the foyer we have an elevator, which goes to our three most used levels. We have large print bulletins, (which contain that day’s scripture readings and any special music), and large print hymn books (approximately a 14pt font) at our services. All aspects of our services are amplified for better and clearer sound. There are places at the back rows for those who need to, or prefer to, stay in their wheelchairs, or for those who like the security of keeping their walkers, or guide dogs, with them. We also have a few copies of the bible on audio cassette, which may be able to be signed out on loan. We try to accommodate as many needs as we can, however if there’s something you need to greater assist you in participating in church life with us, please let us know. You can speak with any of our greeters at the door, our minister, or anyone you feel approachable. You can also e-mail us, or call us. (You can find all our contact info in the right-hand sidebar.) We can’t always do everything right away, but we will earnestly try to do our best to accommodate your needs, which may also end up helping others as well.

Just so you know too, we have a coffee/social time, downstairs in our hall, following our service. Please feel free to stay and join us. Whenever you are in our midst, we hope that you will feel at home and spiritually uplifted among us. If you would like to know more about our church, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

We look forward to having you with us.

May He bless you abundantly and always.